Motivation and Creation

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Re: Motivation and Creation

Postby Daywhite » Mon May 24, 2010 2:00 am

Being creative, tilling the soil,
plants grow, rewards for my toil.

Being creative, watching children play,
what a beautiful way to waste a day.

Being creative, listening to my favorite song,
what about this could be so wrong?

Being creative, a voice deep within,
following it back to where I've been.

Being creative, alone, doing nothing,
but to me it's really something.

Being creative, my niece's smile,
for that I would walk a mile.

Being creative, everywhere, every day,
I could never lead my life any other way.

Being creative, it defines life,
finding inspiration in all the strife.

Being creative, you don't have to try,
it is what is, feel free to ask why.

Being creative, this is all about me,
define who you are, open your soul and see.

Being creative, there's no secret to it,
nothing to it but to do it.

Being creative, it's just you being you,
not a don't, but a very strong do.

David White
"Sometimes you do it to save your own life, not anybody else's. That's mostly why I write. I'm not trying to change anybody else's life or the world; I'm trying to keep from blowing my own brains out. That's the real point." -- Guy Clark
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Re: Motivation and Creation

Postby Sabina » Mon May 24, 2010 5:43 pm

David, it's a beautiful poem!
Did you write it while sitting on the porch and drinking a lemonade?

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