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Manufacturing Hope

PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:18 am
by Sabina
"You can only live without hope for so long before you’ll have to manufacture some kind of a false optimism in order to go on. You cannot live for long without some kind of hope, even if it’s not founded in reality, because it is a necessity for life. The worth of that hope, though, will become more obvious the closer to the end you are."
[size=85]From "Defining Life Backwards" by Dr. Kenneth Boa[/size]


What do you think about this text and manufacturing hope in general? The last sentence in particular, can be interpreted in many different ways. What is the worth of hope? Why will it become more obvious the closer to the end we are? What are your experiences?


Re: Manufacturing Hope

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:37 pm
by mirjana
Nice topic Sabina and I do believe that we shall have some interesting answers.
I think that hope is the window into the true knowledge of our potential and therefore a driving force of our heart to live the life fully and without fears. Unfortunately fears seem to be stronger emotion in daily life and the one which estimates our way of living. As more fearless we are so much we truly live. In the moment when some death seems to be close, in that moment fear losses the strength as that what we fear is already there and the hope comes instead.
It seems that hope is the emotion of another dimension as it happens almost always when we lose all that what estimates our certainty in this one.