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Living by Design

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 9:09 pm
by Randall
Living by design is a concept my wife and I came up with and have been refining the last few years. Its all about creating an environment with in and with out that supports and empowers us. The idea is simple, to surround yourself with things and inspire and support who you are and its all inclusive. Its about the thoughts you have, the cloths you wear, the food you eat and the company you keep. Its also about the things you surround yourself with, the music you listen too, the things you keep around, the home you live in.

We each made a list of what supported us, a list with out judgment on ourselves. Here is an example of some of the things on my list;

Randall’s List:

Playing with the kids
Plants, growing things, greenery
Music that feels good
Pets, animals
Like minded people
Philosophic conversations
Regular, daily meditation
Family walks
Long drives
Afternoon naps

My list was two pages long before it was done, and we each made one.

When we started going through our home and began to change things, we began to see all the things that we had that didn’t support us, cloths that didn’t fit, food we didn’t like, furniture that just didn’t fit in and didn’t feel good. We then asked ourselves why we had them if they didn’t support us and found we had been keeping them because for one reason or another we felt we SHOULD. Let me explain that a bit further. I had a few antiques that had been a part of our family for years and I felt obligated to keep them for my family. I also had some tools and equipment that I wanted to utilize but never really enjoyed using. We both found that many of those things we had that didn’t support us on an emotional level were kept because they represented things, traits, we thought we should have, but didn’t. Having them around was a subconscious reminder of what we didn’t have. Those thoughts led to others and we both began to realize that much of our life was spent focusing on things that weren’t a part of us, traits we thought we should have and an image of self that was suffering because we focused on the ideal person we wanted to be, NOT who we were to begin with.

A lesson I had learned in business was that if you spent your time and energy doing what you do well, the rest comes as a matter of course.

We’ve begun to see that this lesson is a life lesson, that if we focus on the things we do well and the gifts we have instead of those we think we should have, everything opens up. Guess what else? Those positive traits that we didn’t have? We are acquiring them with out effort. Its interesting and humorous to see a trait we didn’t own, securely a part of our personality, one of those one our list of should be’s and we didn’t even consciously realize we had acquired it till much later.

Comments and suggestions very welcomed ;0)

Re: Living by Design

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:16 pm
by mirjana
Thank you Randall for this beautiful concept you have shared here. It is very inspiring idea to clean our lives from many unnecessary attachments that push us back not allowing us to evolve according only to our most personal and essential desires.
I love your list and can only imagine how the rest of it could be. =0)
What is interesting also is that you actually gave me the answer to the question I put in this forum under the topic about living on the isolated island. What I tried there was to put us in the situation to imagine how our life could be if we would do all that what we feel is the right thing for our chosen way/place of living, so that the place which is not an island turns into the island.
Your Living by Design answers that pointing also how to design this way.
Beautiful thought that as realized probably can change our life for the better.


Re: Living by Design

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:14 pm
by Sabina
Great topic!

I have a history of "cleansing" my environment as well.
Let me begin by saying that a part of me is obviously a collector. When I was 14 or 15 I started collecting various things. One was little brass objects, usually ancient objects that are no longer in use today, or at least not commonly used, those were then neatly stored on a shelf built just for it. I collected Bonsais, which are not easy to care for, and I was very proud of them. I collected books, records (info: what people used to listen to before CDs) and tapes. Later I started collecting movies, plants,...
I am saying all this just to illustrate my collector's nature.

Now, on the other hand, I always had a strong desire for air to breathe, as well as a dislike for junk. By that I am referring to things that are junk to me, whatever someone else may call it.

I went to make myself a coffee, and as I returned to read what I have written so far, I realized that the full story would be way too long. So I'll skip to the end. :)

We have started something in the building in which we live, and it seems it is slowly growing into a tradition, as other people who live here have adopted the idea. We like to change things in our apartment, and occasionally old pieces just don't fit in anymore, or we don't have use for something, or we realize we don't need it, it is only taking up space. So, we put that something in the entrance hall of the building, with a post-it attached that says "FREE".
We have done this with various furniture, with toys, as well as other objects. Whatever we put there usually disappears quite quickly, most of the time in less than an hour. A few times people rang to ask us if they can take something we put there, because they were unsure despite of the post-it note.
Lately we have seen others do the same, and that felt really nice.
Nobody puts their trash there, but nice things they simply no longer need.

This isn't exactly the same as what you wrote about Randall, but they are related, I think. :)


Re: Living by Design

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:05 pm
by mirjana
Hi Sabina,

It is very nice approach to the environmental cleansing and great idea to be used and further spread. Thank you. =0) As such, it belongs to the lists Randall has introduced as a practical contribution in applying Living by Design project. But, this project is much more than that, as you also said. I understood it as direction to make the list of the dreamed Living by Design scenario. We are very often blocked in the present situation which does not make us extremely happy and then, in order to escape reality we do not like, instead to approach it with creativity of change, we stay prisoner in it.
I understood Randall's project as a suggestion how to bridge this state of passivity and step on the way of change toward realizations of our dreams. In that sense making list with all things that will surround us and inspire and support who we are, with the cloths we wear, the food we eat and the company we like, the music we listen too, the things we want to keep and with awareness why, will help us to create home and all in it and around it as it stimulates the best in us.
I would go a step further, putting on such list also place to live with all attributes that are part of that. Sometimes we dream about going to the places far away. Maybe such lists will show us that with certain amount of changes at the place where we have been already living it is possible to have "Personal Island" of happiness. Or maybe such list as a map will energize appearance of new direction with entirely new possibilities.

PS: I am still working on my list... Randall's list(part of it) was supportive in that sense.

Re: Living by Design

PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:11 pm
by Leahann
To take this a little deeper and seeing as I just wrote about some of this in a different thread...lets talk about the vibration of our surroundings.

All energy has a rate of vibration, a tone and a color associated with it...and all things are made up of a set of vibrations unique to each item...such as rocks, trees, chairs and tables...and while there is a similar vibration that come from all tables made with red oak from the same area...none of them have exactly the same vibration as no two things can be exactly the same.

An example of this would be if you were shopping for a sofa, and you find just the right sit in it, feel it and love the just feels so right and will co-ordinate with the rest of your purchase the item...and you go to the warehouse pick one up...a new one of course...get it home and suddenly it does not feel right...seems out of place and not comfortable...yet in the showroom it seemed so right.

Each item has a variation of energies, while the base or core energy/vibration may be similar the colors may be ever so slightly different from one to the other, the people that worked on the item transfer energy to that item, so that shifts it and the day in which it was produced effects the likely if you had taken the one from the would have fit as you had felt.

We effect and are effected by all the energies that surround when we are creating our spaces to support our growth and harmony within, we are effected by the things that come into it and in a way we effect these things as well.

Just a little more to think about when making your lists...:).


Re: Living by Design

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:57 pm
by dermot
Forgive me !

i just like hitting the 'Return to Utopia button...

Re: Living by Design

PostPosted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:30 pm
by Sabina
[quote="dermot"]Forgive me !

i just like hitting the 'Return to Utopia button...

=0@ LOL!
I'm dieing here from laughing... beautiful....
I can't say I ever paid attention to the subliminal message until now (Return to Utopia), and it is such a good message! Thanks for giving it more attention.