Lemon & Garlic as Healers

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Lemon & Garlic as Healers

Postby mirjana » Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:22 pm

[size=150]Lemon & Garlic [/size]
[size=130]against Cholesterol and high Blood Pressure[/size]

3 lemons (not treated with chemicals)
3 Garlic bulbs
1 Liter Water


Chop all garlic and lemons (without pealing it) into the very small pieces.
Mix it in the Mixer (Blander).
Bring one Liter water to the boiling and leave aside to cool. Pour mixture of garlic and lemon into the cooled water and bring all together to up before boiling. Take it from the heat and keep like that next 12 hours.
After that pour it into the dark glass bottle.

How to use it?

Each morning before taking anything else take 1 deciliter of this mixture until drinking the whole bottle.
All together do it four times in row as a cure.
It is old Istria miraculous remedy for high blood pressure and for high Cholesterol level.[/color]

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