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Mysteries of Istria

Istria, also called Terra Magica has very old archeological and mysterious locations, sacral places and so called energy or power points that beside its extraordinary natural beauty give a very profound touch of mystery to this peninsula.

Pyramid Hills

These pyramids hills lines around Porec and Motovun have all something in common. They all have the top of the hill cut in the same manner. The highest is 100m high.


“The hills of Mordele are: Big Mordele, Little Holy Angel and Big Holy Angel. Little Holy Angel has the only known megalithic circle in Croatia. Its blocks are arranged in a 3/4 circle, and its northern part is empty which corresponds to astronomical functions. The section without blocks is the part where there is no sunrise and sunset. Official archeology has no precise data about the constructors and about the age of this "Istria Stonehenge". The circle construction consists of huge, shaped blocks, different in size, separated from each other, but forming an exact circle. “


The second line of hills is called Picugi.
“Archeologists who researched Picuge are convinced that there are classical Illyrian citadels and fortifications. Megalithic circles were not used for protection but for an astronomical purpose. The pyramidal shape of these hills as well as their position is identical to the star position of the constellation of Orion.”
The third is Nezackij near Pula. Picugi and Nezackij belong to the most important archeological locations of Illyrian people in Istria, ca. 4.000 years old.


Such a pyramid hill is also Motovun, with the medieval town situated on the top. Old name of Motovun is Montona, meaning mountain. It is a little town situated on top of a pyramid shaped hill, which according to old legends was built by a friendly giant.

Dragon's furrows in Istria

“20 years ago, the Slovenian geomant Marko Pogacnik published an interesting study about "dragon's furrows" in Istria. It's about the directions of energy meridians and their converging points which are the sources of positive Earth energy. Energetic relations to the landscape, as Pogacnik stated, were known by the oldest civilizations, and their life, as well as buildings were organized due to the "dragon's furrows" and their converging points. In this "Pogacnik system", Motovun was the most powerful source of positive energy in Istria where three "dragon's furrows" converge. One of them goes from Motovun to West, going through the center of the megalith circle on Little Holy Angel. The second one is following the western coast of Istria and connecting the big megalith under Strunjan with another megalithic circle on Cape Kamenjak. In between is the megalithic circle on Little Holy Angel.
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