Is this Utopia

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Is this Utopia

Postby alija » Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:18 pm

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Re: Is this Utopia

Postby mirjana » Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:13 pm

In order to answer the question if this is Utopia, I would first say few things about the video that inspired the question.
One could be inspired by the words said in this video, as these are of the kind that are said world wide in this awakening wave on the streets in different places in the world. In that sense it is not something new.
Interesting thing is though the way how it is said. And as the author of this video has chosen the word WAY as significant, then I stress also his way in approaching The Way.
This video calls you to visit his web site which is a promotion for selling his book. That could be OK as many people do things of that kind making their promo materials that can catch people to buy their things. But it shouldn't be a way of somebody who wants to open the eyes of others like helping them to become aware of that how unique they are. The suggestion is not to be a follower but one who sees things differently. But, what he does is offering another model of leading, suggesting himself as a leader. He presented his head/face on this video in a macho way, inter cut in the line with great people who did contributed to the change of human consciousness, like he is also one of such. He goes a step further.
If somebody would follow his call, then, in order to become a new way seers, you "just" need to subscribe membership, pay $9 per month and you belong to those chosen to make a difference. Sounds like a good joke. Oh, it would be great if changes could be reached with such technical, fast methods. There are on the other side many people who are building step by step their contribution to such a change in the human consciousness, investing their time and energy for free in mutual exchange that support mutual growing and different approach to things.
Few more words about the video.
I suggest you to see this classic Apple add suggesting not to participate but by thinking differently to act differently too. It is made before this video of LoPorto. Not a bad inspiration I would say to produce personal video promotion with much more pretension.

In order to act differently, maintaining personal integrity and confidence within any group, we need inner work and not fast and superficial macho way presentations.
If you suggest others not to participate and follow in your video and just on the next page you suggest participation and following, which should be based on the impression based on just this video, which is not even as original as it suggests to be, then something seems to be wrong.
There is one more thing about this video, which is music, claimed to be composed by way seer Garret John Lo Porto himself. In fact , when you listen to "The Big Ship" from Brian Eno, you will recognize lot of similarities.
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