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I had a dream.......

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:15 pm
by dermot
Actually.....i have had lots of dreams, some of them epic and deep, like last nights for example, and at the risk of being outed as some crazy person, im going to tell you about it.

There was a beach scene, lots of huge rocks on a sandy beach, there were peoples clothes and shoes on top of the they had been put there while the owners went swimming. The feeling whilst looking at this scene was eerie, something was not right, i couldnt see any people and i couldnt see any water.
I think my age was mabye around 15yrs old, and there were some other teenagers there with me, although it felt like i was observing all alone, i felt awareness of something, a feeling of ownership of this scene and what was happening.
I / we moved around the rocks and in the distance there were bodies piled on the sand, mabye 5/6 bodies scattered about, they were quite obviously corpses. I knew this in advance, none of it was surprising to me, but i felt responsible on some level.....for the scene, if not for what had happened here on this remote beach...with no water!

So today this played on my mind, i felt challenged by everything negative that has happened to me, not that anything truly terrible has happened, but i have had my moments!

Tonight, im preparing (hopefully) to allow the tide come in and take these 'bodies' to their final resting place, i dont need them in my life anymore, they are dead weight and its time to allow water (emotion?) to take them away.

Im hoping this dream analysis is accurate, it feels right, and i believe we carry far too much of what is not ours to carrry........beg pardon, i believe i carry far too much of what is not mine, or have at any rate until recently.

The mind is truly incredible..........


Re: I had a dream.......

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:34 am
by Sabina
First of all, I think what matters most is what you think this dream means, and how it felt to you.
That aside, I have a couple of questions.

Do you know who the 5 or 6 corpses were? Do you know the identity of any of them?

Does the age (ca. 15 years old) and the corresponding period of life play any significant role?
Why was that your age in the dream?

How did you feel when you woke up, before analyzing the dream?