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I Ching the Book of Changes

PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:00 pm
by mirjana
The Book of Changes, I Ching, is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts and divinatioon systems, developed over 2300 years ago.
What I like by I Ching is that the answer we get provides insight into the hidden forces or the state of consciousness behind the situation that promted our question. It is somehow the source for the care of our soul and work on self and within self.
Our anxieties, fears and desires are recognized and resolved releasing hidden transformative energies.

[size=130]I Ching is an Oracle[/size]

It translates the problem(question) into the language and symbols like in dreams, connecting our inner forces that had shaped the problem with the way we experience it. It puts the one who asks into the primary source of soul, so that one is able to change the perspective.
The divination of I Ching is set of 64 six-line figures or kua, ususally called hexagrams and a way to consult them. These figures represent all the possible combinations of six opened _ _ and whole ___
lines.Each figure has a name and a group of short phrases associated with it. These combinations of texts and figures act like mirroprs for the unconscious to shape problem in the moment of consultation.
I Ching is diviner's manual for what C.G.Jung called the archetypal forces. The general question that stays behind any other question is "How can I act in creative relation with the spirits or forces shaping this moment of time?".
The concrete answer then comes as an experience within the flow of life, the way of [url=]Tao[/url].