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How You came to be You

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:19 am
by Sabina
Why are you [size=140]you[/size]?
To which degree do you believe you have been influenced by your genes, your upbringing, your education and social surroundings?
How much of you is the way it is due to past life experiences and what is in the "stars"?
Are the two connected (if you at all believe in reincarnation)?
What do you base your conclusions on?

This isn't about what is proven, or what you "know beyond doubt", but rather what you think and/or feel.


Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:42 am
by dermot
Damn!...a thread that cant be passed by even though i have'nt thought long enough to post a response.

I actually dont need to 'think about' this at all, everything i suspect is hanging around my neck every day.
Living life leads me to believe in reincarnation, its simply the easiest thing to believe in, forget your complicated Gods, and theories of this and that. It is simple to believe that imprints exist on the mind/soul from past lives dictating our need to confront their effects on our present existence.

I am sure genes, upbringing, education, and social surroundings are factors influencing how 'i am'. My fathers alcoholism played a big part in my early childhood, and i carry those influences in so far as i choose to ignore them. Same with other influences.

However, that is not 'who i am', and it is not who i was either, i am a being outside of limitation, existing with consciousness. I can connect with feelings that have no base in this life, none, i can understand concepts as truth that i have no reason to understand. I am flumoxed at times because much of what happens around me is banal, in terms of what i consider past experience.

Love of Truth, Beauty, and Wisdom comes from another place, i wish i was there!
(all the time!)

Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:03 am
by mirjana
I am me because I live MY life, I understand MY thoughts, I feel MY feelings, I believe in MY Uniqueness, I ask things that I AM interested in, I give My answers and explain My understanding, I search for MY truth, I love My way. And all these MY aspects I feel as mine deep inside of me.

I am aware of my genes whenever I look at my mother or my brother, or when I am with my daughters. This helps me to realize our interconnection and thanks to that I somehow understand how this go in eternity like mathematical law until the very seed of all of us.
My social surrounding was influential in the same way like colors are for painter or notes for musician. It was blissful and happy influence that supported my creativity and helped me to recognize my strengths and my weaknesses, my passion and my sorrow , my talents and my possibilities. It gave me great memories and I am connected to my roots like the tree.
My education is like a label. I would be the same without it. If in that case I would be surrounded with the same people, I don't know. But, as I love people and go well with them, I can imagine that I would always have close friends.
I do believe in reincarnation. Why? Because I can feel all the time me observing me. I feel, that observer in me is something which is eternal and repeating. Knowing me as I am, curious and playful, I think that I was curious about life when I was on the other side and that it was a challenge for me to taste what this whole happening here has to offer. I do believe that we are sound or vibration and as such we are a kind of eternal notes. In that sense I have always felt inside of me that there is something like my inner finger print which is unique and personal but helpful as a guide. My stars are for me like little stones in fairy tales that show me the way. Without them I would also be on some path, but I believe in MY Path.
All my conclusions are based on my feelings. I am heart follower. My first reaction has always been heart and only after that my mind would be also involved. And there are some inner signs that are following me confirming my feelings when they are right for me. I am very much aware of my intuition, I had prophetic dreams, especially when I was younger and my body has vibrational reactions toward people and situations that mostly hadn’t deceived me. When I would allow my mind to overrule them, it has always been a mistake. But, that is the beauty of this game called Life.
Good questions Sabina. Thank you to put me in the situation to interrogate myself for a while.


Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:21 am
by Ryan
I think genes play a fundamental part of how I am... along with how and where I was raised, educated, and socially exposed.

As to how much past lives play a part in how I am today... I cannot say...

And I have no idea about the stars... it makes sense to me that the have an influence as I can witness the effects upon other things here on earth...but as to their contributions as to how I am... I have no idea.

See, for me, it is nice to know that all these things do play a part but that in itself doesn't change anything. So far I have not discovered any residuals of past lives that were negative... ( I have been told about some... but have not personally experienced them ... maybe it's just that I choose to remember the better aspects of myself) whether it is accurate or not I don't know but seeing how the past lives aspect isn't commonly understood or a simple thing to delve into it makes sense to me that if there is a problem there that you need to unravel it isn't very likely to happen. So my logics lead me to conclude that... these inner problems that remain from previous lives are either those aspects that are just "written in the stars", a result of the environment you grew up in, or inherited... I don't know... it's a hypothesis. Either way, finding answers to these dilemmas probably aren't going to happen but instead I think the way to affect them is to seek out experiences with which they are involved and confronted. Only then will one be able to find the pattern and a possible solution.

My thoughts on the matter... sorry if I didn't quite address each question...

Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:23 pm
by GenerousGeorge
This is a very interesting subject and a good one for speculation, if you are not looking for proven conclusions, but rather for possibilities. I think Savants are one of the pesauding facts for reincarnation.

Whenever I try to make sense of reincarnation, the biggest "joker" in the deck is time, what that is and our understanding of past, present and future. If time is an illusion, "perhaps to give value to life", then the idea of parallel lives makes more sense, perhaps than past lives.

My instincts and reason tell me that there is not really a beginning or end of things over a period of "time" and that makes sense to me in terms of us being here at all. (Was and shall be, world without end)

Rather than trying to "imagine/visualize" previous lives, It is easier for me to understand and/or accept that we were/are "always" here as opposed to being created from "nothing". It saves me from having to accept by default a God who created the world in 7 days by [color=#ce2b2b]"magic".[/color]

So how can we look at previous lives in terms of change and not time? That seems to me, to be a clue about the true nature of our existence.

Anyway I like the idea of a "Never ending story" that we can all relate to . <3

Having said that, there is so much in nature that represents metamorhpisis as opposed to the "ending" of something. Butterflies for example.

Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 7:51 am
by Alvino

WHAT makes you this or that:

For the most part some PTSD makes most males
this or that = YES no one can ever definitely answer the question
is it Nuruture or Nature but I am certain that some
TORTUROUS TYPE experience that caused some
immense emotional pain was the strongest reason
for most males to travel in the direction they
traveled to become the successes or the failures
which we became.
And of course the two basic emotions which are HATE
for some thing or other (hate for a father for example )
or LOVE for some thing or other = such as a good
person s example - are the basic building materials
for our resultant character development.

A third thing i believe pertaining to our development
of character is that IN MANY INSTANCES we misinterpreted
the Said Experience that resulted in our Civilian
experienced created PTSD that gave us the Major Direction
that we chose to live because we were merely children
when that Stress situation was created or seen by us.

For instance mother was an alcoholic so our interpretation was she hated us
or Dad had affairs so he HE HATED US.
A very common one is DAD never hugged us so WE are worthless ......................
My point is to a great extent we all have the same genes and emotional capacities.

If pressed I will vote for NURTURE , not genes, as the basis of our personal likes and dislikes = actions or non actions.

Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:49 pm
by GenerousGeorge
Oh.....I did not answer the spirit influenced by my human experiences made equals who I am and who I am becoming. =0/

Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:14 pm
by dermot
I believe, (and i hate saying that because i am open to changing with new awareness, ) that the purpose of life is to evolve, and that evoloution takes place over many lifetimes. This makes sense to me in terms of my own life, and my observation of others living their lives. There would seem to be greater/lesser levels of awaerness among people as i observe, some need to explore, some need to understand, some need sky tv, whatever.
My children for example would seem to be lifetimes apart in terms of how they see themselves, how they view others. My son in particular seems like an 'old spirit' to me - more evolved.
This explanation of 'spirits' being at different stages of evoloution would answer questions over peoples outlook, why they behave aggressively, why they identify with negative influences etc, whats happening here is possibly experiencing hurt and pain for long enough to change direction.

For me personally, it explains some feelings that exist but dont really have root in this life, it explains why i came to DS.

Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:39 pm
by Sabina
That's an excellent point, or at least I see it as an excellent point, as I have the same (excellent) point and views....
Children are a great pointer. My son is also definitely an old spirit. He knows too much, and he was just born with this knowledge. I may enjoy thinking that he learned it all from us (the parents), but that just isn't so. Other people may be exposed to the same influences, but still not "get it", and they need something else, different kinds of lessons, and they usually get these lessons eventually.

For me it was enough to hear a story and learn from it. I know others hear the same story, but unless they experience the "teaching" of that story on their own skin, they are not going to get it. It remains abstract for them.

So.. yes, we evolve through reincarnation, everything I have observed so far clearly points to that.


Re: How You came to be You

PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:22 pm
by dermot
My son was so laid back growing up, but he was completely happy in his way of doing things. I recognised his need to just be let go his own way, despite my family telling me he needed to do this, he needed to do that.
It was kind of amazing and still is to watch him move through life generating a very calm path. His friends tried alcohol, cigs, drugs, as they moved through adolesence - he did'nt react in any way, just moved at his own pace.
He did'nt even drink tea or coffee, it seemed to me he knew a better way, and he was'nt influenced by peer pressure at all.
He took up the guitar at about 15yrs old and his close friends formed a group, which they still play in, he writes songs, deep beautiful songs - its wonderful to see him happy.

Where did this direction come from? - He grew up with his sister 2yrs younger, when their mother was seriously ouf of control and quite violent during her drinking. My daughters reactions to this were completely different and she remains hurt and affected, whereas he had an ability to understand that it was alcohol addiction.

He is an 'Old Spririt'.