How to post links in the forum

By Sabina

How to post links in the forum

Postby Sabina » Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:34 pm

Now that [url=,-rejoice,-the-music-has-arrived%C7%83-t944.html]posting videos is a piece of cake[/url] I thought I'd add some more info about posting regular URLs or links in the forum.


This is the button that helps you post complete links: [img][/img]

When you click the little globe button, the following code will appear:

Just adding the link between the opening and closing url tags will already do the trick, so the link to Deep Spirits, for instance, would look like this:
and the result will look like this:

You could even go a step further and use anchor text. That means that the clickable part wouldn't be the actual URL but something else you write instead, such as the title of the page you are linking to.

To use the DS example, if I wanted to link to [url][/url] but have the text "Deep Spirits" title be what shows, then the way to do that is this:
[code][url=]Deep Spirits[/url][/code]
The result of the above code is this:
[url=]Deep Spirits[/url]

The difference between the first way of posting links and the second way is that in the latter the link itself goes with the opening url tag, right after the equal sign, so the opening tag is
followed by the anchor text:
[code]Link title[/code]
and closed by the closing url tag:

[code][url=http://yourlinkhere/]Link title[/url][/code]

Feel free to experiment and see what you come up with. Remember the Preview button is also very helpful as it allows you to see exactly what your post will look like prior to actually posting it.
Just make sure you do click the Submit button when you're done! ;0)
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