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Re: Good people and bad people

Postby dermot » Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:08 pm

I confess to being confused in trying to say what i think/feel about this topic.

Ok, this is what i believe, and i am open to other ideas or points of view...lets face it we are not playing with the full deck of cards when we explore this type of topic!

Man is born free of evil, free of any responsibility for what happens next to him. He is Love. The world of conditioning kicks in even before he is born and makes a place for him in which he may prosper, struggle, fail or fall.
He can at any stage come to realise where he is and why, he may choose to confront his conditioning and replace parts that do not serve him, or he may delay that decision. When eventually he undertakes that journey, its a journey back to Love, an unlearning of ignorance and a chance to realise his true Self. The only other worldly influence at play in all this is knowing Truth as one finds it, cherishing Beauty and Love.
The Shadow is merely ingnorance and cannot sustain, recognising the shadow allows light in and the journey has begun, once started it doesnt stop.

Its not a head thing .......its a heart thing!
....the heart only whispers, be still and listen....
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