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Postby Deep Spirits » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:03 pm

    1. How to add images to a post?
    2. How to embed a Flash movie file?
    3. What is "kudos" and how is it used?

[size=150]1. How to add images to a post?[/size]
There are 2 ways to add images to a post.
1. Using the "Insert image" [img][/img] link above the reply window. That means the image you want to add has to already be somewhere on the web. You simply add the image URL between the image tags.
The above code would result in this:

2. By uploading an image from your computer hard drive.
To do so, use the "Upload attachment" tab located underneath the reply window. Click the "Browse" button, select the image from your hard drive, and click "Add the file" button.
You have the choice to either leave it like that (it will then display at the bottom of your post), or you can place the image within your message, or in other words "Place it inline".


[size=150]2. How to embed a Flash movie file?[/size]
First click the Flash icon [img][/img] located above the reply window.
To complete the embedding you only need to know the size of the Flash movie and it's URL.

To add a movie from YouTube, Google Video and other free video providers, first find the EMBED code that is offered on that page. Copy the embed code and place it in your message as a reference only. Inside that code you will see the width and the height of the movie, as well as the http:// URL. Make sure you copy the complete URL.
Here is an example of a YouTube Flash file embed:


That results in the following:

After taking the needed information from the EMBED code, usually beginning with something like [color=#003260]<object width="[/color].... and ending with [color=#003260]</object>[/color], you can remove that entire piece of code, as it was only needed as a reference for you.


[size=150]3. What is "kudos" and how is it used?[/size]
The word kudos comes from Greek kŷdos and roughly means honor, glory, or acclaim.
The kudos feature gives Deep Spirits members the ability to voice their opinions about topics and/or posts by the means of giving, or taking, "Kudos".
To give or take kudos use the +/- icons [img][/img]
You will be prompted to enter an explanation on why you are giving or taking kudos and then submit again.

If a member loses too many kudos they get banned automatically. Therefore members have some control over the type of atmosphere they would like in their forums. However, best of all, it is a way of letting others know you appreciate what they posted.
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