Existing as debt

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Existing as debt

Postby Nonesuch » Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:09 am

[size=85]Hello. I recently wrote a short something about virtual particles and nothingness and thought that it kind of suited this site and forum, so I've decided to post it. I apologize for its not seeming very candid. It's not very well researched either, so forgive me there too.[/size]

It’s accepted in today’s quantum physics that in the most void places — in vacuous space and indeed everywhere, at a quantum level, matter can (and does) miraculously spring into existence. From the apparent nothing comes something. This occurs constantly. In fact, “dead” and “empty” space is quite alive with this quantum activity. That’s a point used in argument against the realness of an emptiness — the void is bubbling. This unending emergence of matter from space is called quantum vacuum fluctuation and the emergent particles are called virtual particles.

How could something come of nothing? The process has been analogized in the process of money borrowing. How can some penniless person, in short time, unable to work or earn, acquire $1,000? He can borrow $1,000. So, with him, he has the $1,000 and a debt, which can be expressed as a -$1,000. This analogy has flaws, but it helps my understanding. Virtual particles arise in pairs — particle and antiparticle pairs. The lives of these particle-antiparticle pairs are usually imperceptibly short though. The particles and antiparticles emerge and almost immediately collide, becoming naught. The long-term existence of a pair, I’ve read (without understanding), would violate the first law of thermodynamics, the law of conservation of energy. But, it’s been discovered that there is no violation of this law if all of the energy of the universe is nothing in sum — is equal to zero. So, if all positive energy (and matter, which is energy) in the universe exists along with negative energy of equal value, the prolonged life of these pairs is possible, and so, it’s possible that the whole of the universe was created in this way and is of the same nature as the pairs and the $1,000 loan.

This zero total energy scenario has, of course, already been proposed and is believed to be our reality by some. I’m not able to argue for or prove this possibility. I’d just like you to imagine that it is truth — that’s why I’ve written about this. Imagine that everything that is simply appeared, matched by negative energy of some form. This would mean that existence is partiality. This would mean that to exist is to be incomplete and that completion is annihilation. This idea might more easily be aligned with the ideas of Zen Buddhism or Nihilism (both, I realize, being different), but it reminds me of that well known line from Genesis, “for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” Do we exist as debt?
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Re: Existing as debt

Postby mirjana » Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:42 pm

Hi nonesuch,
Welcome to DS =0)
You put an interesting question/hypothesis and interesting theory stays behind. Good food for thoughts.
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Re: Existing as debt

Postby Sotwa » Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:40 am

This is the discovery of " if " .as particles having no will allied to them emerge they soon return. If these particles are observed they do what is supposed they will do. This is the way. This is also what some call the law of immediate exchange, described by Newton as action and reaction. I give out energy in form of thought, in return these particles apply themselves to the thoughts reality. This is the basis of the theory of the law of attraction .

All is fundamentally basic particles in one view, and a force appearing as a wave in other views. These two views of primal source are often argued about as if one were right and the other wrong. But for the sake of discussion and for lack of a better word, lets call the even more "firsthand " "stuff " primus. Primus comes into being as both wave and particle , the combination and relationship of the two are what we find as the interwoven field theory. I say this primus is the "thoughts of the one being " I say being because I also say this primus is full aware as primus all the way into complexes. Such as the human consciousness. All this is one "force " appearing to "itself " in all the countless ways we are currently. Percieving and also as what I say we are eons from realizing. I cannot prove any of this of course but I have seen it in, well, spiritual ways. This is only wording mind you. And all is the way. It constantly discovers itself anew.

Please corispond
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