Every path is the wrong path

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Every path is the wrong path

Postby stirrits » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:48 pm

one day you’ll, want to redo the choices you’ve made like, be something else but a corporate slave. One day you’ll curse working too much, maybe even wish you went against what your parents said

well, one day you’d wish you strove harder for better grades, you’d sigh for your major gives you little pay, be angry because you didn’t save up for retirement

either way, you’ll regret your life on your death bed
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Re: Every path is the wrong path

Postby Sotwa » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:42 pm

I can not say your view is wrong, many such views led me to where I am today. And this is what I might share with you love, that it is the very problems we face and encounter that guide us in new directions. I would say that you are as I am a decade ago, fed up and tired, wary of the ongoing pains and troubles of existing in a world that seems to be wrong in so many ways, exhausted from the struggle of being corralled into Paths and ways you see are obviously not the right ones. But love, can we also see not only the possible negative future but also the possible positive that shall be brought about by the very pains your enduring. This life has put me in limitations and agonizing situation after situation and I regretted being born. I looked at all the people I saw as fools and I either lashed out in anger or cried privately. My here and now though is filled with love and success, and the same life that kicked my spirits low is the same life that raised me up.

I am saying that no not. Even you will regret your life on your death bed. Far from it. I know your process will carry you through times ripe with suffering, but its thus journey that will kindle your being into a mighty force. When you are faced with walls you cannot overcome you will learn patience, when the swamp of hard times fills in around you , you will struggle and from the struggle like in any workout you will squire strength. From the lashes to your heart and the stabs to your pride you will gain compassion love and humility. Life is your teacher, but listen love, this teacher cares not one bit about your bitterness and anger, this teacher is a master of the way, and just as she throws lessons your way you must be ready to meet them and create your success.

I am not saying you are wrong for these thoughts you have been having love, I am saying you have an opportunity to take another look at what you've been given. If you asked of me what you ask of life I would answer the same. If you ask or even demand for change it is you that must change, j must say life is quite stubborn in her curriculum. As I said, she is like a teacher who does not mind if you fail, but gives you, all of us, ever oppurtunity to succeeded. Keep in mind however that often our idea of success and perfection is a long way from the genuine article.

Hear me love, if you will, I am in the same canoe as you, my arms are tired as well from the paddling, but I will tell you much with very little, the river we flow on has never asked us to paddle. Ever. We think we know best so we fight what is and find flaw with all that does not align with our notion of what is right. We argue endlessly with the simplicity of the moment untilled it is complex and troubling to exist within. Please love, try this, take stock of where you are, and then begin to accept life. Accept the absurdity of it all, the mystery, the pain, the pleasures, the flow as it is. And witness your thoughts as leaves passing by in a gentle wind. And if you find you can do this you will discover that life is no burden at all, you will see the burden was the weight of your expectations and demands of life.. when you are free of this you will behold a treasure greater than all your even grandest expectations. And you will lay on your death bed with a huge ridiculous smile on your face, peace in your mind, and love in your heart.

I cannot truly prove this to you, but I have proven it true to myself. I cannot demand you believe or trust me. But ill ask you to find out for yourself if there be another way to live and see, and I implore you to create or discover it. For what it is worth try a book in your libraries spiritual section, I have many I prefer but I notice how each person tends to find exactly what they need when they are ready for it. I do sincerely hope this has at least given a portal into a new way of viewing

If not, its ok, my teacher, life, will wait, she is ever the patient one.

With love, and devotion to your need should I be of any further help,
Sage of the way
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