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Re: Etymology of words

Postby mirjana » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:41 pm

Heidi wrote:If you are looking for the first Word or Logos, as it is described in the Bible and other Holy Books, they say that it is the Creating Force, the Audible Life Stream or the Music of the Spheres that has created all that is.

Mystics say that it is a sound that we can come in touch with if we follow certain practices.

Hi Heidi,
As I said: "After the first something was expressed by sound of our mouth, then people came to the idea to name those sounds by the name word. So, if the word WORD was an egg, who or what was the hen? “, I meant something like you said it here.
I think that how I see it in my mind´s eye or hear it in my minds ear or feel it in the heart of my heart, it is closest to that what you said: "Mystics say that it is a sound that we can come in touch with if we follow certain practices."

Sound was a primary word that was and has always stayed as eternal words inventing inspiration and soul code connection with Creating Force.

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