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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:12 am
by Randall
About twelve years ago, when I received my reiki 1 attunement and training, my teacher gave me an experiment to try, so I could prove to myself and to my family that it wasn’t so much "hocus pocus". The experiment was to take two oranges and place them in separate jars with a lid. I labeled one reiki and left the other unlabeled. Each morning I gently used reiki energy on the orange with the reiki label and left the other orange alone. In four days the unlabeled orange began to mold, and the other orange stayed constant. At the end of two weeks, the orange labeled reiki still looked good and the other orange was rather disgusting, lol.

Some time ago I heard about a Dr. Emoto and his work with water......... I'll share a youtube link and you can watch and see what you think.

Its rather amazing. But its the same principle as the orange experiment.

If you would like you can try this kind of experiment with the orange (or any fruit) on your own. Take a couple oranges and focus your love on one and leave the other one alone. Mark them clearly so you dont get them confused. When you focus your love, do it gently and for only a brief time each day as too much energy can over load the orange.

I'd enjoy hearing your experiences should you try this ;0)

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:21 pm
by mirjana
Hi Randal,
Synchronicity is amazing thing, especially if one is able to read the messages. =0/
Look at this link:
I posted that few days ago. You will understand ;0)


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:02 pm
by theadvertheretic

Yes, I completely agree. Water is definitely elemental in our healing.
I have this wonderful eulogy of "water" as an element of spiritual.
The start and the end of the world. It shall be soon.

Randall. I think it's a brilliant idea. But, I wouldn't post until I am done. =0)

Thank You both. <3

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:50 pm
by mirjana
Hi Randall,
I also believe that we have great power which is called thoughts and emotions. When one chooses Love than s/he has an opportunity to heal all around with this healing energy of love. When I read about your treatment of the orange I couldn't escape my thought how wonderful must it be to belong to your family. =0/
When one is aware of the energy of thoughts and emotions, intentional behavior brings miracles into all kind of relationships bringing huge benefit to lives of people who live with.
Unfortunately there are also other ways of behavior that are devastating for people who are around persons with polluted energy (thoughts and emotions).
Your story about the orange reminded me to the story about our big cherry tree in our garden that started suffering and all who understand something about trees told us that it is over. My husband treated that tree with PEAT, which is also one of energy therapies. He applied it on that tree and that tree lived miraculously few more years giving us beautiful fruits. I had such positive experiences in treating my dog from the fear of the thunder roar and it is definitely love and intentional energy , combined with methods making that energy to flow that change their water crystals transforming their fears into more relaxed state.
Thank you for sharing this experience.

Hi Maheep, =0)
Nice thoughts about water!


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:12 pm
by Randall

I agree, our thoughts and emotions affect the environment around us, especially our families. I enjoyed the Water Video :) it was wonderful. Do you "see" energy?

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:34 am
by mirjana
I feel it very much. It is suportive and inspiring and the time I spend here is like a daily dessert.
Very nice combination of sharing, learning, teaching, creativity, fun and GOOD energy. I am at home.


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:51 am
by Ryan
Ok... energy... I have it... possibly an over abundance of it... Why I say that is one because of my temperature and emitting heat, another would be because of my stopping watches. I have had very few watches that continue to run while I am wearing them. I take them off and they generally start again after a bit of a rest. I have been told that massages are very nice when I give them. However, I find them to be quite taxing on my knuckles (hands and wrists) as I have not treated them well in my youth. Many broken fingers and shattered knuckles due to football and... let's just say anger... I would like to be able to apply this energy in a healing purpose... and help those I love... not looking to go into business or start "the laying of hands" or anything like that.

Anyway... I am not a person that has a knowledge of many techniques... and I am not looking for anything that I have to go and take a class or become an apprentice of this guru or that... whatever... I am just asking if anyone has any thoughts as to something I might look into.

Also, if there are any thoughts or knowledge of this problem with watches I am interested in hearing or learning as to what it possibly is... I have only come across one other person that had this problem and it was a coach of mine. He would glue a strip of inner tubing on the back of his watches... plus keep one in his pocket just in case...

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:17 am
by mirjana
Hi Ryan,

It is an interesting story and very nice description that shows that you have energy to give. I do not know much about it but I was introduced to the lady who had similar capacity and in one moment started using it for treating people. My husband and I visited her. It turned that she had very high energy. During her treatment when moving her hands over our bodies at the distance of half meter from us, we both felt like she was ironing our back. She went to Milano, Italy, as there is some Institute for checking the personal energy level for treating other people and she got a certificate that her capacity was much over the ability of their tools to measure it.
From then on she has been treating people. Some of her patience I know and they told me that she kept them to be as they are, otherwise, according to previous time, before her, there were very miserable.
I do not know if there is something like that in Vienna so that you can check it there. After that it just starts. The idea is start for itself. Now it is only the question about the Rabbit hole.
Besides, there is a man in Slovenia, internationally recognized who teaches that, how to recognize and start using the healing energy one possess. One doesn't become guru, just energy healer and is really able to help people. You have to start to watch all that with respect and gratitude and the whole gift you have got will find the way to come to people.


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:46 am
by Randall
Ryan, the watch thing is something my sister has too. Its your electro-magnetic energy and there are a few cases such as yours that people carry a higher than normal magnetic energy and it does things like that to watches.. also it can have odd affects on other electronics.

You don't need to go to a special class to do healing work. Energy is energy is energy. Its your intent that gives it focus. Some of the different techniques that are out there simply help people channel that energy in effective ways.

:) I liked Mirjana's reply and got a chuckle out of the bit about the rabbit hole because its true, when you start healing work it opens things inside of you and your talents will become more manifest. The fun is that you never know just HOW it will manifest.

SO!, NEO!, what pill are you going to take, the red or the blue? LOL

If you would like some things to practice on or some things to try and need ideas, I'd be happy to help if I can.

Re: Energy p.s.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:17 am
by Randall
[quote]Anyway... I am not a person that has a knowledge of many techniques... and I am not looking for anything that I have to go and take a class or become an apprentice of this guru or that... whatever... I am just asking if anyone has any thoughts as to something I might look into.

You have a friend that does reiki maybe? acquaintances that do different techniques of healing? Talk with them about it and see what feels right. Then you can read up on what they do.

I can't call what I do reiki any more. I'm not sure what to call it other than energy work. The basis for it is being able to channel energy. Do you meditate? Do yoga? Do you know how to ground? Reading up on the bodies chakra system might help you understand some things a little better when it comes to the energy system of the body.

The issue is I dont know what you know about the energy moving with in you and I dont know if you know how to channel it so its hard to give you any proper advice.