Dreams as a Choice

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Dreams as a Choice

Postby mirjana » Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:04 pm

Lately I have had an opportunity to talk with my friend about dreams and he revealed very interesting thoughts about dreams that opened my approach to dreams to go in completely another direction. Here are some thoughts that after that talk opened a new approach to dreams, at least for me.

I have always thought that dreams bring us a kind of message that we should figure out, something like personal oracle. But, when my friend put the hypothesis that dreams are about choice of action and what is our emotional response in such actions, I had an “aha” moment.
If dreams provide us with scenario where we can work out our choices of action and how we feel about them, then our dreams are parallel world of self discovery. It seems then that whatever we do in our dream, it will be the same for the dreamer or observer, let’s call it our higher self. But it seems not to be so. It seems that in dreams as well as in life, there are right and wrong choices. We become aware of that to which category belong the choice we have chosen in our dream thanks to that if that kind of scenario stops to appear or not. If it stopped, it would be the sign that our action was right and in accordance with our higher self. If the main scenario repeats, which happens quite often, that would be the sign that we haven’t taken a right course of action or thought model based on the dream, so it comes in another form to help us to learn and realize the right choice for us.
Something like in life, where certain life lessons repeat and come in a harder package if the previous one was not unpacked in the appropriate way.
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