Doubt (2008) - Was He Guilty

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Was Father Brendan Flynn guilty of what he was being accused by Sister Aloysius Beauvier?

Yes, he was guilty, otherwise he had all the authority and pull and could have arranged for Sister Aloysius Beauvier to be transferred to another school.
Yes, he was guilty, but of what exactly I don't know.
No, he was not guilty in this church, but he was in the previous church and therefore he left this one as well because he didn't have proof to support him.
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No, he was not guilty of her accusation, but he was homosexual and if it were brought to light he would have had to leave anyway.
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No, he didn't leave the church as the result of any guilt for any past or present misdeed but just to avoid the confrontation of the hard and cold Sister Aloysius Beauvier.
I am not sure if he was guilty or not.
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Doubt (2008) - Was He Guilty

Postby Ryan » Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:13 pm

In the movie "Doubt" with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, what was your take on the ending? Please give your vote on the pole. If you have an alternative option that is not included in the pole, please reply and provide it along with an explanation to support it as an option. You must be logged in to vote and you can change your vote at anytime simply by voting again.
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Re: Doubt (2008) - Was He Guilty

Postby alija » Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:57 pm

This is great movie which is showing so nicely what does it mean manipulation.
Without, in last time, so many scandals with priests and children we couldn't imagine such a subject, topic, such a movie.
Now, mass media are creating opinion that any father Flynn is guilty in spite we didn't get slightest information, hint about his guilt, about his perversion.
Media are media and they are doing their job, but where we are? Where is our sense for justice, for right, where is our compassion, and Love, Love; what to say about Love for the father Flynn who didn’t give us slightest reason to doubt in him.

I am not religious man, actually I dislike religions, catholic church did very much injustice to my folk, to the whole world, but father Flynn is an honest, very good preacher.
But yes, they support our way of a priori judging and possible lack of Love by giving us info about his several times changing his locations.
We need so little to cast the shadow on man, and to make a shade of man, we enjoy in announcing him guilty.
Do not judge, do not hate father Flynn because you dislike church. I didn’t say you do, but just reminding you it would be wrong.
I sow this movie twice. Maybe I need to see it once or 3, 4 times more in order to see what you have seen.
This is my opinion based on my ability to perceive exposed information, pictures and talks in two movie watching, so please take it just as one of so many different.
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