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Digital Nation

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:06 pm
by Sabina
It's a 90 minutes video called "Digital Nation". Holly shared it with us, I watched it last night and I am curious to hear your thoughts, plus I think that talking about it could help us to mentally "digest" it.

    2-What's it Doing to Their Brains?
    3-South Korea's Gaming Craze
    4-Teaching with Technology
    5-The Dumbest Generation?
    7-Virtual Worlds
    8-Can Virtual Experiences Change Us?
    9-Where Are We Headed?

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Re: Digital Nation

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:19 am
by Metatron
This was a fascinating document and I have to say it was more interesting because a lot of the stuff in it could be said about me.

I don't think the situation is that bad though. We live in a fast world and it's hard to keep up, true. But I guess it's just change, it can't really be labelled good or bad. I think the example of the written word is a proof of this. We've lost good memory by writing down stuff, but we surely agree that it brought tons of good things with it. I think today it's the same.

Re: Digital Nation

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:54 pm
by mirjana
This is awakening video. It gives both, positive and negative of the most important phenomenon of this age, digital technology. I do not belong to those who were born with it. I had to learn and accommodate over the time to this new technology in order to be part of that flow. So, I belong to those who are very curious to discover everything about the impact this technology could have on people and their life.
There are warning results such as: multitaskers are unable to think clearly, they are distracted easily and do not show good results in any of their multitasking skills. In many countries children spend more than 15 hours a week by digital media, addiction is growing, social separation is growing, communication skills in real life are dropping dramatically. Only in South Korea more than 90% kids use internet and the government has opened the chain of supportive programs, Rescue Camps, to help game addictive kids to be saved. Those programs tried to recapture their lost childhood, but it seems to be gone forever. Gaming has gone out of hand. Parents wished that fighting games didn’t exist. Still the production of such has been growing. Great students drop their results in school. Many kids have eyes and ears damages. Cell phones have become a “natural” part of body outfit.
In South Korea kids start with internet education in elementary school the same time as they start learning to read. They are also taught about ethics of how to use it. How much could that help the main course which seem to be out of control?
One of technology journalist in this video put the question: “Do we underestimate our kids to adapt to new reality?
It seems that there are two main classes appearing in this new age, one which is grown up with technology and the other one which is not. What does it bring in the future? One of professors said something like: “Today’s kids’ education has a different purpose than the education in the past had. Today’s kids are not here to remember a bunch of information that somebody was telling them, but to do things, to build things and to work on stuff.”
Does these words comfort a bit all these effects we are aware of how digital technology influence new generations? I do not know. I only know that my awareness about all this before watching this video and after watching it changed.
David, I would like to share your optimism and as a member of this generation you probably have much better insight about this phenomenon. My thoughts are not as optimistic as yours.

Re: Digital Nation

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:22 pm
by Ryan
With everything there are positive, negative, and neutral results... we see them all... what the tricky part is... in my opinion is keeping all these things in balance. To keep things in balance you have to first be aware that it is out of balance and you have to know where to make adjustments to bring things into balance. When people aren't aware because that is just how things have always been and we lose track of how things were... I believe we are losing much more than we gain.

For example: We watched this BBC series with Ray Mears, and basically this guy is a survival expert and is searching for the roots of the Britannic hunter/gatherer. He points out how the British no longer know for what the plants and animals in their surroundings are good. He explains that there once was a time that most all plants had a purpose... a practical use, but that this information was never written down... it was always passed on from generation to generation and little by little it was all simply lost to time. So, Ray Mears goes from continent to continent and learns from groups of people who still live as hunter/gatherers to find associative methods which could lead to a deeper insight into Britain's own history. In one episode he is with a tribe that lives in the Amazonian forest and they show him a plant that will remove the oxygen from the water and so as a result all the fish suffocate and float to the top... upon which time they collect and have a fairly nice feast. Another plant which will give you plenty of fresh water and things like that... however in order to make fire they used butane lighters which they get every so often and as Ray Mears finds out they no longer can make fire any other way. Ray teaches them how to make fire without a lighter and they are so happy to regain this knowledge.

This is a basic example of what I am talking about. Yes, lighters are fantastic tools and have simplified the process of making fire... definitely a good thing... but in the process we have lost a fundamental knowledge. It is commonly known that fire is the most significant discovery in our history... and most of us can't make it without the use of modern technology.

So yes... we are progressing... towards what and at what cost?

Re: Digital Nation

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:32 pm
by mirjana
Yes, Ryan, I agree. That is why I said that my thoughts are not as optimistic as David's.
Then, this place like DS, being also a part of that digital world, at least goes in many positive directions giving information, knowledge and skills that could be useful. I think that video like this one stimulates our efforts to go further in our direction by helping each other to learn as more as possible about things that are worth in every time.
Was that your point? I ask, because it is how I understood you.

Re: Digital Nation

PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:26 pm
by Sabina
All my thoughts on watching "Digital Nation" as well as observing life can be summed up as follows.
It is all in the balance.

Food is a good thing. We need it in order to survive, so it is not only good, but essential.
However, gluttony or excessive indulging in food leads to obesity which makes everything more difficult. There are more health problems and an obese person has lower mobility, sweats more, etc.
So one of the best and most important things that we have at our disposal, if taken to an extreme, becomes the opposite.
I think it is very similar with all these other good things that we are exposed to.

It is a means of communication. They are not meant to replace a live conversation, but it is a tool which helps us in the sense that we don't have to visit a person just in order to ask them if they want to have a coffee with us, for example. Already in the past, long before cell phones, some people have used telephones very differently though.

Cell phones have nothing to do with basic communication anymore. The corporations have done their job well, and the advertising campaigns have reached their most important goal. Cell phones are today almost viewed as an extension of one's personality...
B0) Hence, it is important what kind of phone you have, how handsome it is, how many features it has, etc.

The computers and the internet? Beautiful inventions! So much good can and does come of it.
But, because it is so good it very quickly developed to an excessive point, and what's worse, shallowness reigns, so for many people it is a point of excessive shallowness. They don't see it as that of course... they are just having fun and not putting much thought into the background story.

I have more thoughts. about games, about schools and parenting, and other things, but this is all for now. :)