Different ways to the book worth reading

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Different ways to the book worth reading

Postby mirjana » Thu Jun 10, 2010 9:25 pm

"The Cosmic Serpent" Jeremy Narby

Tonight I have been watching a very interesting interview with Jeremy Narby, anthropologist who stands for the rights of the people of Amazon and who was explaining his experience with shamans and Ayahuasca. The information that on 1 ha of Amazon forest there are 350 different trees sorts, and that in Europe there are only 250 tells a lot. I didn't know that Amazon was not under the ice as the other parts of the planet which explains that this is the center of memorized knowledge of the planet over the time. And what we do? We destroy that source of such a valuable knowledge.
People there get a precise instruction how to use plants for healing purposes thank to their inner Ayahuasca journeys where they get those information from different spirits and entities. Later on that information prove to be true when applied in healing. They call it a Forest TV, from where they get images and instructions how to use plants. And they have respect for that what tehy get that way and show the gratitude.
The same time our civilization takes these information from there without understanding and misuse it making different combination randomly, playing with human lives in such a laboratory just for the profit as a main goal.
I heard about Tobacco and that the mother of Tobacco is a serpent and that people there make a jam from tobacco. They put it on a stick and just a little bit of that is a kind of medical stimulation for insights.
I have been fascinated with simplicity that Jeremy Narby explains things so that they are truly understood.
The information that the anthropology took seriously shamans started in the middle of the last century, (his words).Until then they were regarded as lunatic. From the moment they took them seriously, much precious knowledge was transferred to the West.
After spending many years with the people of Amazon he turned back and wrote his book engaging himself the same time in the nonprofit organization for the rights of the people there. He said that during writing the book he came to realization that every little thing he had heard there is true and that this truth is in front of our eyes, but we are not able to realize it because of the way of thinking and approaching life we have been exposed from the birth on.
I have been heard about his book but I haven't read it. After this what I have heard tonight I shall do it. That is the reason I opened this topic.

More about this in this interview:

[flash=520,420]http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docid=-3233004395719938355&hl=en&fs=true style=width:520px;height:420px allowFullScreen=true[/flash]

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