Description of a beautiful woman.

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Re: Description of a beautiful woman.

Postby dermot » Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:44 pm

Hi Brandon, yeah.....i was being real when i said well done for defending your corner, it showed depth and i admire that, as i do your willingness to listen to what the others have said.

To write from the heart is indeed special, to find inspiration to do so is wonderful, im sure you will continue to find this inspiration in lots of places. To be honest i felt that your willingness to use a pic as something to muse upon was less than maybe you are capable of. Beauty is amazing, no less so in female form, depth can be found in something delicate or very strong, in tears and in a smile. I find the image you used, was just image, there was nothing real about it, it was manufactured and lacked any impact other than the one they were looking for.
Thats the problem for me, we or you in this case, had a trigger pulled by that image, the result was as intended...and you fell for it, like millions of other people...maybe me at one stage. These images become like road signs, we take the turn indicated and find ourselves going somewhere without having made a decision to do so. So, what are we when we forget to challenge what we see and the impact it has had on us.......??

I urge you to look for Beauty in ordinary form, you will find it in a female face or in femininity if you choose to look there, but its also elsewhere, in fact its everywhere....all you need to do is observe may be surprised what it does FOR you, rather than to you.

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Re: Description of a beautiful woman.

Postby Xen » Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:54 pm

I was just very mad a moment ago when I lost a two page response to Sabina's 'Nobody forgot a thing', but after reading your reply; a pleasant surprise; I felt normal again. You, sir, have some wisdom in you that most men I have met do not have. I hope you have children that this raw essence of knowledge and patience carries on. I will take in to consideration that there are far better muses, and that I probably made a 'chasing-the-tail' choice. You're right. That form of photography is like a road sign, billboard, or commerical. Meaningless and pointless. I will most certainly come back with some of my prior writings, but I already have one here.

I don't know if you will like it or not, but check out - vivid-dreams-from-a-new-member--t1004.html -

I hope that, a real experience in a dream (divine inpsiration if you will), will win you over some. If not I will just have to try harder. Until then good jest, Mate. Your resillience and persistant of opinion, stance, and approach is what kept me interested & listening. You fight for what you believe in and I can appreciate that.

Until the next episode.
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Re: Description of a beautiful woman.

Postby MeThisGuy » Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:13 am

@Brandon and Dermot
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your conversation. Had to let you know. And I love the expression that you both carry close to your hearts. Travel well my brethren!
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