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Re: Death

Postby searching » Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:15 am

Thank you Mirjana -- I agree, it much nice to talking to someone when you see a photo - you get a different feel for them. I will be curious on your take on the book "Home With God" once you have read it.

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Re: Death

Postby profdrfeelgood » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:04 pm

Mictlantecuhtli showed me that there are many levels of death and it all starts at our births. The life and death force walks with us all the way from beginning until the end. Sometimes the life force is greater and we are positive and well, other times the death force is stronger and we are ill in mind, body or psyche and feel negative. To be friends with Scanto Muerte is to be friends with his direct counter part.
Prof. Dr. Feelgood
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Re: Death

Postby mirjana » Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:52 am

Welcome to DS profdrfeelgood !
I like both your answers given so far. I agree that from the moment of our birth we encounter different levels of death over our lives. Actually, over different ciclyses of our life we change and today we are not the same as we used to be yesterday. I like very much a little story about twins waiting to be born in their mother´s womb. It is great illustration how the unknown influnece our existennce over different forms of fear. And I think that the fear from Death is source of every other fear.

Here is the story about twin brothers in their mother’s womb. How natural it would seem to be hunched over with one’s head between one legs. How commonplace to float all day in fluid. How mundane not to use one’s nose or mouth, but rather to have air and food sent down a tube that passes directly into the stomach by way of the navel. And how long the “lifetime” of the nine-month gestation period. How unimaginable the existence of a world extending beyond the walls of the womb.Imagine that the two brothers possessed different world outlooks. One accepted by way of tradition that there was a future life beyond the womb. The other was a strict “empiricist,” who accepted only that which he could see with his five senses. Accordingly, the latter brother acknowledged only the existence of “this world” alone, the world of the womb.

The story brings us in the situation to imagine that we had the ability to listen in on their conversation.

The Conversation

“Brother,” the believer says, “I believe that beyond this world is a magnificent realm which we will one day emerge into. In that spacious realm we will use our mouths for eating and our eyes for seeing unimaginable distances; we will hear with our ears; our legs will straighten out so that we will stand erect and traverse vast stretches of land replete with mountains, oceans, rivers—all beneath a limitless sky of starry hosts.”

“Brother,” the empiricist twin replies, “you certainly are poetic. However, I am amazed at your naiveté. Why indulge in such fantasies? Only a fool believes in things beyond the rational mind’s grasp.”

The first brother replies: “Why then do we have a mouth, eyes, and ears? They serve no purpose in this realm. They must have been designed for use in another world far beyond what we can visualize now.”

“You make it sound as if some higher intelligence designed us. Who says? Maybe the eyes and ears just developed randomly. We don’t know anything about a higher intelligence or a world beyond. All we know is what we experience now.”

“If that is so, my brother, what do you believe is in store for us when we leave the womb?”

“Simple and obvious. Once we are torn away from the tube through which our food and drink are provided we will fall into a dark abyss of nothingness. We will die, never to return. We might as well have never existed at all.”

Before the other brother can reply, the womb suddenly opens and the “naïve” brother slips outside. The remaining brother is shattered. “Brother!” he cries in lament, “where are you? Do you know why you fell to your destruction? Your folly that these contractions were birth pangs caused your downfall. That is why you did not clutch at anything to stop yourself.”

And then the lamenting brother hears the shrieks of his departed twin. To him that signals the end, the last gasp of his dying sibling.

Outside, though, at that very moment, are shouts of joy. “Congratulations! A new baby has just been born. "
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