Can't you just....

By Agate

Can't you just....

Postby Agate » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:11 pm

First off, my apologies for being something of an absentee Chronicler the past couple weeks. I was swamped with stuff in my non-computer life, and nothing of any real interest was going on in the vegetarian arena anyhow.

Today was different.

Off and on this whole time, Daisy has been saying "Well, can't you just..." Can't I just eat one hot dog? Can't I just eat one piece of chicken? Can't I just go along with what's expected of me?

Well, no. I can't "just".

Last weekend I proved to her that we can eat out as usual, that my becoming a vegetarian will have minimal impact on our dining-together habits. (This turned into a positive when she realized that for once I wasn't going to nick bits of her chicken Marsala or try to filch her meatballs!)

Today was different. Today I found myself in a position to yield to a "can't you just..."

Today my church held a BBQ to celebrate its 120th anniversary. I had been quietly banking on filling up on salad and bread. To my utter chagrin, the only meat-free item offered was the watermelon. The potato salad and coleslaw BOTH contained bacon. And of course, the main dishes were hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs.


Helping to set up and get some of the older members served gave me some time to plan and adapt. I chose to "just."

Had this come up a few weeks ago, it could have been my undoing. But now I'm a bit shy of a month of going veggie. I acknowledged that I was far too hungry to sit there and ignore the food passing under my nose. I also acknowledged that I did not feel comfortable refusing to eat what was so lovingly provided. BBQs do not happen often at that church, and I decided I was willing to compromise to fit in. With open eyes, I acknowledged that I could "just" without losing momentum. I ate a little of the potato salad. I ate a burger. And I gorged on watermelon.

Tuesday starts a weekly study class/potluck social event. I'm planning to bring sesame pasta and possibly Mash...just to be certain that there's food there I can eat. Hopefully there will be other meat-free dishes. And then I'll explain to anyone who asks that I am a newly sprouted vegetarian. If asked I'll explain that I walked into the BBQ knowing that I probably would have to make an unpalatable decision, and one courtesy hamburger does not a carnivore make!

It occurs to me that this may have fallen at about the perfect time for me. Any sooner and my resolve to abjure meat could have shattered; any later and my new patters could have been too set to deviate from. As it is, I enjoyed the burger...but I enjoyed the fellowship more.

Tonight I sup on lentil soup. All is right with the world.
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Re: Can't you just....

Postby Ryan » Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:56 pm

No problem on the absence, you were missed and I am sure we are all happy to hear the cause was nothing serious.

At any rate, I congratulate you on your overcoming the withdrawals involved with your conversion and that you were able to adapt to the situation at hand.

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Re: Can't you just....

Postby IsonaliAki » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:57 pm

My how time can change things, eh? *just applauds... she knows why*
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Re: Can't you just....

Postby Sabina » Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:40 am

I'm glad it all worked out nicely so that you are pleased with the outcome.

I don't think that exceptions are a big deal, especially when you embark on a path. Not going extreme with something can sometimes even make it easier, so make the success rate higher.

And, it's nice to see you chronicling again. :)
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