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book soups :)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:10 pm
by Sotwa
What Im calling a book soup is if we combined the essence or main theory , belief , concept etc from several books into one ! :)

My book soup is ; the power of now- by eckhart toll . Tao te ching - by Lao tzu . Conversations with god book one - by Neil Donald Walsh . The kybalion - by the three initiates .

These books together give me this ; god or the one or the all are the names for something beyond name . And that this one is all things and ways , even us. And we can connect to this one on many levels, but the deepest level is the inner personal level of being as the one inside, like with meditation. Also with love , like living in love with life. This soup of books got me thinking about god in new ways for me. And this is what got me trying to connect to the all buy what felt right not what everybody said was right or wrong.

Well thats my book soup and a little bit of what it showed or allowed or helped me to see and experience .

So ds? What some other good book soups you've found .? Or comments about the one i wrote .

With love