Alternate Opinions on Vegetarianism

By Agate

Alternate Opinions on Vegetarianism

Postby Agate » Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:06 pm

This thread is for anyone who wants to comment on the subject in general, but not really on-topic with my main Chronicle posts. I've moved a comment or two over here to keep the flow elsewhere sensible.

My humble apologies to anyone who got multiple messages about their posts being moved; I made some mistakes learning how to use my mod panel!

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re: Alternate Opinions on Vegetarianism

Postby TheodosiaMBL91 » Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:25 pm

I would just like to say that I am a 91 year old storyteller-published author. I have a 17 year old grand daughter who is on the vegetarian path. My daughter, and her husband, (her parents) and her 20 year old brother, are understanding of her decision, but it takes a big adjustment in family meal planning and all that entails. A major concern, as a thinking-praying grandmother is her health. I have advised her that during WWII when meat was rationed along with everything else, all of our public health information, (stemming from the National level on down through the states, cities and towns , the newspapers, magazines and radio--television did not come in until after the war) we were given up-to-date menus and ways to stay healthy without meat. I was able to help my daughter and her husband not to be worried, but to be careful to see that they prepared plenty of the protein loaded foods that are available now. Therefore much of our anxiety could be allayed by the attention to diet and food preparation, so that with some thought and sympathy, after a year now, the family is adjusted to the change in meal planning, etc. That leaves the prayingpart of my psyche still in a searching mode, for to decide to abstain from meat from necessity is one matter, and for philosophical and religious purposes is another. I dislike intensely the idea that the consumption of meat is a matter of conscience and all sorts of horror pictures have been implanted in this child's mind by her school and associates. This goes strictly against my understanding of our faith and the plain teachings of the Holy Scriptures that I use as Guide in such matters. In speaking to her of this, we are met with these horror stories that amount to indoctrination. In all of my 91 years of life, study, and practice of my faith, it is necessary to believe in the good faith of others especially those who provide the watchcare over the public's supply of food. We have the inspectors from the National Pure Food and Drug Act, who oversee every step of the way we receive our foods. It MUST have their stamp of approval to operate in the packaging and marketing of our food products. To hear the rantings of this seventeen year old, you would never dream that we had any overseers who require standards of excellence that go beyond anything that we ever did at home on the farm, when we performed such tasks and saved our foods to eat. To hear her horror stories this is something that we should publicly condemn and bring to the attention of those who are responsible for carrying out the legal indictments of those who are guilty of such infractions as she describes. Why has this not happened, with all of the screaming objections? I have no doubt this statement I am making with excite all sorts of comments from those with minds poisoned by such misinformation. This is my objection to the vegetarian regimen--that it is being promulgated by those with an agenda for undermining our young people's confidence in our government, its laws of protection and the officials that are employed to carry them out efficiently. The clear teaching of my faith is that what we eat or drink is not so important as what comes OUT of the mouth, which originates in the SPIRIT. They are the deadly sins that defile the person. Now, I must have the heavy burden of seeing my innocent grandchild refusing food not because of some logical reason, but brought about by words conjured up from the nether regions and for the express purpose of producing a SPIRITUAL upheaval, and imprinting on her mind such horror stories that merely to hear them out of her mouth is shocking to me, and this I am truly concerned about. Yes! and it brings me to my knees in prayer, not merely for this one individual, but for all of those enemies of the tender conscience of children who are working through the television screen, the computer internet and every means at their command, to bring about destruction of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights which guarantee the right of each to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These liberties are at risk, and not from enemies without, but from such that are working like bees in a hive, or the ant underground, to tear down and destroy the structure that we have in place to protect them in society. They must get control of the young people while they are in the impressionable age of in-between childhood and maturity. There is a book, "The Witness," written by Whitaker Chambers, that tells of his own conversion during his college years, when his idealism was at its height, to what he believed a far more equitable societal structure, in which there would be no poverty, no want, everyone would be equal and the officials would see to it that it was all carried out. He became active in carrying out their nefarious plots to undermine every pillar of foundation to our society that upholds freedom of the individual. He finally came to his senses and in his attempts to uncover this for the world to see, he was finally "heard" through the papers that he had hidden securely and we know them as the "pumpkin papers." It was with that evidence that he was able finally to convince the authorities that the "special advisor" to the President of the United States was a TRAITOR. It is a fact that those forces are still at work and have succeeded in great measure to bringing about a complete loss of freedom in this country. Any thinking person is compelled to see the evidence for this all around us today. Every public relations trick that they have control over today has been brought to bear on villifying the citizens of Arizona for wishing to secure their borders, and demanding it first of the federal authorities where the constitution places it, and that failing, turned to their governor. Another case to cite is the recent textbook debate in the Texas citizenry. All of the power of the press and TV, blogging and email means of influence have been brought to bear to make them out to be throwbacks to ignorance and completely out of touch with the halls of learning! Both states are now on the big Black List of those out to take away our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! All the deeper meanings of those three rights are being undermined and I am witnessing it now in the pollution and contamination of my grandchild's mind.
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Re: Alternate Opinions on Vegetarianism

Postby Ryan » Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:02 pm

Dear TheodosiaMBL91... I hesitate in response because of your age and that the world in which you lived and developed was so very much different than what it is today. But... I must interject that there are many things going on in the world today that it would seem you are either not aware of or you have chosen to completely dismiss on the grounds that those presenting the information are, in some way, shape, or form, "traitors" of an otherwise just land & government. There are factual pieces of information that are solid proof that the FDA and other regulatory agencies are giving the "stamp of approval" on to which most other countries' regulatory agencies will not. And the reason being is that certain drugs that are given to the animals are not only causing physical harm to the animals, but also contaminating both the meat and milk with cancer causing chemicals, and/or containing traces of antibiotics which is the direct cause of the recent escalation of viral and bacterial mutations.

At any rate... I just wanted to say... that people speak out to help inform people of the foul doings of corporations... not to try and condemn a country or government... there is no allegiance to any corporation and in today's day and age corporations are/have become more powerful than the countries and their governments... unfortunately it is so... believe it or not.
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