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PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:59 pm
by Ryan
So, my son and I are coming home from school... (no jokes about he and I being in the same grade...ha ha ha) and in the gutter there is a purplish pinkish liquid that travels about four or five car lengths.

    I point to it and ask: "Oooh what is that?"
    Christopher: "I don't know... paint."
    Ryan: "Paint huh? Or maybe it is alien blood?"
    Christopher: "Or vampire blood."
    Ryan: "Nah! If it were vampire blood it would just burn up in the sun light."
    Christopher: "Yeah! Maybe, the vampire burned up and his blood is running in the gutter."
    Ryan: "I don't think so... I think the blood would burn up too and be dust or ash like Mama's cigarettes."
    Christopher: "Yeah... it's probably alien blood then."
    Ryan: "I think so too."
    Christopher: "You know what that means?"
    Ryan: "What?"
    Christopher: "That there are aliens around us!"
    Ryan: "I know... they're all over the place!"
    Christopher: "Yeah... that guy could be one."
    Ryan: "Yeah... I could be one."
    (Christopher looks at Ryan suspiciously)
    Ryan: "Maybe your Mother and I are aliens..."
    Christopher: "Yeah, and you just don't know it..."
    Ryan: "Or maybe we do know it...?"
    (the sound of gears and thunder are flowing from Christopher's head)
    Ryan: "After all... what is an alien?"
    Christopher: "Something that is not from here...?"
    Ryan: "I'm not from here."
    ( a smile and a look of realization appear)
    Christopher: "Yeah, you are from America."
    Ryan: "Your Mama's not from here."
    Christopher: "That would mean I am an alien too..."
    Ryan: "I don't know... does it? You were born here..."
    Christopher: "So, I am part alien part human!"
    Ryan: "I don't know... if you go swimming in a lake are you an alien there? You can't even breath the air in the lake although the fish can."
    Christopher: "Yeah, so if I am in the water where I was born I am an alien."
    Ryan: "I don't know... are you?"

And the banter continued until we reached the door...

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:47 pm
by Marylorraine
;0) Boy, does this type of conversation bring back memories....wonderful, playful and lighthearted memories! Thank you for sharing....sharing is caring and I love it!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:21 pm
by mirjana
In Beckett’s (1952) Waiting for Godot,Vladimir and Estragen have the following conversation:

Vladimir: I’m curious to hear what he [Godot] has to offer. Then we’ll take it or leave it.
Estragon: What exactly did we ask him for?
Vladimir: Were you not there?
Estragon: I can’t have been listening.
Vladimir: Oh… nothing very definite.
Estragon: A kind of prayer.
Vladimir: Precisely.
Estragon: A vague supplication.
Vladimir: Exactly.
Estragon: And what did he reply?
Vladimir: That he’d see.
Estragon: That he couldn’t promise anything.
Vladimir: That he’d have to think it over.

With all respect for the text above (?), I think that your dialogue with Christopher is better.
You could name it Waiting for Aliens... =0@ <3

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:45 pm
by Sabina
[color=#663333]Mirjana, [/color]

=0@ <3 =0@
[size=150][color=#663333]Great answer![/color][/size]