A Strange Occurrence

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A Strange Occurrence

Postby Sabina » Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:59 am

I was painting and took a short break, during which a name came to me, completely and utterly out of the blue.
"Lucius Presbitaris"

I googled it to see what comes up and there but only one search result:
It is a complete text from the book called "Geoffrey de Mandeville: A Study of the Anarchy" by Geoffrey de Mandeville.

Weird.... but also kind of fascinating.

I had a look and saw that the book was transferred through one of those automatic text recognition programs, so I looked up the same book to get a proper, more readable text. Nothing struck me as very interesting so I looked up the author, J. H. Round (1854-1928).

He was born on February 22.

Yes, lots of people were born on that day throughout history, I know. Most people who know me very well know there is a special significance to the sequence 2-2-2 for me. I think I may have mentioned it here on DS also at some point.

However, nothing else about him was interesting. If it wasn't for the 222, I would have stopped looking, but this was like a sign that I should keep looking. However, the only thing that stood out from the man's bio was a name, William Henry Page, his friend and colleague who wrote the memoirs of J. H. Round.

So I checked on William Page.

A "pioneering historian and editor"... "for the last three decades of his life was general editor of the Victoria County History."

In that moment I get notified that I got mail, so I looked to see what it is. A woman called Victoria just signed my guestbook on Ego Dialogues.

And now I'm stuck with Victoria.

What is the meaning of this? Anything?

What did she write in the guestbook? Well, it's a public entry, so I feel it's ok to share it here:
"Wow Im in love with this website! I literally read every words and language article and felt so inspired by everything! I'm obsessed"

So...? Am I obsessed? Possessed? What do you think about all this?
"Whether You believe you can, or you can't, you are right."
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Re: A Strange Occurrence

Postby mirjana » Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:19 pm

Sabina wrote:...
So...? Am I obsessed? Possessed? What do you think about all this?

No, I do not think you are any of these. Contrary.
You have obviously read quite nicely the whole synchronicity line. It brought you to the recognition of your work. Obviously that the name Victoria also plays a significant role in it, including the symbolism of the word. The fact that her comment was given in the word section on that site points the whole further interpretation toward the importance of words. Therefore the symbolism of her name(wordly) plays a significant role here too.
And as soon as we recognize a line it somehow opens the next door. What matters in this case is that you will be ready for the next one. And as you are open to that, I assume that the next one will be a good sign again, stronger than those before, with stronger connection to the word Victoria.
That is how I see it.
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