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Re: a master language?

Postby mirjana » Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:41 am

Thank you for answering my question and pointing me that I actually didn't answer Randall's although I thought I did. After your answer I again read his post and realized that there is a need to explain how I understood the whole and therefore gave my answer.

"A language of crystal clear communication... so clear, so strong that it affects everything. A language that cannot be miss understood."
I understood this question primary as the clarification about the language that uses words and because of that I gave my first answer.
After Heidi and reading your post again and your insisting about the Master aspect of the language, and then further when you explained what you meant about it, I understood that you eventually talk about some other way of communication. If so, my first answer was not answer to your question.
So, there are additional thoughts:
1. "Is there a master language?"
Yes, and I think it is the language in which we use our words in the crystal clear way so that they express our thoughts, emotions, perceptions... in the best way that the other part can understand us and take a motivating part in the talk.
2."Do I know this language?"
Yes, I do. In my native language I have a very rich vocabulary and do not use the same words for completely different things which became a common model of talking and expressing thoughts.
3. "What is the nature of this language?"
The nature of the language how I understand it when it is the master language to be the same as the master is to the student, clear in that what said so that the one who listens or reads cannot go in another direction of that what the one who talks/writes goes. Communication is therefore for me the flow that continues on the point where the previous point stopped and it is not for itself the goal.
4. "Why am I not conscious of how to use this language?"
I am conscious how to use the language and I am also conscious about the effects when people use it without that ability to do that the best way. Then it happens not to be understood or that they are misinterpreted. When I was teaching in the school I used to have problems with my colleagues when telling them that there are not students who are wrong for not understanding, but professors who are not able to make it understandable. I apply the same understanding in life.
I do not know if I understood you even in this second try, but based on that second understanding of your questions, I gave my answers.
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Re: a master language?

Postby Randall » Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:32 am

big smiles.... Heidi, Mirjana, Sabina... thank you all for your input. There isn't a wrong answer and it was a vague request in many ways. I wanted to leave it as open to interpretation as possible. I like where its being taken.

My impression from asking myself these questions was something maybe a bit deeper. This master language feels like there is a great deal of energy with in it. To the point that say, if used, one might say the equivalent of "grow" to a plant and it would grow. A language of intense truth. One that comes from within.

At another time, after I had used this line of questioning, I was researching the idea of a master language and came to the legend of the Book of LIfe. One of the descriptions of what was contained with in, was a language that was foreign, with foreign characters, but any one could read it. The legend said that this language had remarkable abilities when spoken alloud. It was said that it was the language of creation. This description is very akin to what I felt while I did this questioning.
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