A Life in Harmony with Nature

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A Life in Harmony with Nature

Postby Sabina » Tue May 18, 2010 4:01 pm

I thought of replying to [url=http://www.deepspirits.com/exploration/the-journey-of-an-eco-village-t553.html]the Journey of an Eco-Village[/url] topic, because what I wanted to say would fit there, but there is something that bugs me about the term "eco-village". There is nothing really wrong with the term itself, it's beautiful, but my associations with it are not.

I am very interested in the concept of a group of people living separately yet together, a community of kindred spirits, living in a self-sustainable manner, living a low-impact life, giving and taking, and always respecting nature.

So, I have come across a few eco-villages, or similar communities. What discouraged me was the feeling I instantly had with some of them. It was a feeling of pseudo-harmony. I saw people who are pretending to live in harmony rather than people who truly lived that way.
I have a low tolerance to anything fake, and a good nose for recognizing fakeness or falseness, so the thought of anyone taking such a beautiful concept and just faking it annoyed me.

Harmony is very important, but avoiding confrontation doesn't equal harmony. Seeking confrontation obviously doesn't equal harmony either... it is all in the balance.
Putting on a smile doesn't equal happiness, and holding hands doesn't equal a genuine friendship.

A community that is to succeed the tests and challenges of time would have to be authentic.
I once said "A healthy society begins with healthy individuals."
That is true for any society, so for such a community as well.
Not being fake, but being truly authentic is one of the most important, yet also very basic steps in being mentally and emotionally healthy.

The next step is courage.
The courage to look in the mirror and see your real self.
The courage to recognize what you want out of life and then the courage to make it so.

Once you help yourself, be helpful to others.
And remember, you can't help anyone before you help yourself. Think of the oxygen masks on an airplane. In a case of emergency you have to put your own masks on first before you extend a helping hand to assist others with their masks. Otherwise you may pass out while trying to save them, and therefore harm yourself as well as not be able to help all those people you could have helped otherwise, if only you would have taken care of yourself first.

I am still very interested in the exploration of this topic, but propose to not call it an eco-village. I am not sure what to call it instead, and I am fresh out of suggestions. The name doesn't really matter much (a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...).
I merely wanted to clarify a point which I consider extremely important, and also encourage the further exploration of this topic, this venture, this dream.
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