A healing story

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A healing story

Postby Randall » Thu Feb 25, 2010 7:05 am

I've been doing energy work with healing for many years now and I feel the need to share some of the things I've found over the years. If anyone has any insights they would like to share, please feel free to add them.

Have you ever worked healing with a person and they felt much, much better and then after some period of time things went right back to the way they were before and perhaps even worse? I think there is a lesson or reason for them to see and a behavior that must change in order for true healing to occur.

I believe very strongly that our illness’ or dis-ease is like a present all wrapped up for us to open.

On the surface, I know that sounds pretty glib. What I am getting at is that an understanding of why the illness is in our life goes a long way to ward becoming well and whole. It’s understanding, I believe can always be found within spirit.

The reasons can be as diverse as the many symptoms the dis-ease or illness makes manifest in your life. Something I once read as a doctor was trying to give a complete perspective concerning an anthropological discovery he had made, “What I’ve learned is that ‘the reason why’ is impossible to find as there are hundreds if not thousands or reasons why.” That hit home for me. In fact I’ve never found a question that didn’t have several reasons behind it. Most of the time, we find answers we never expected.

I give you this true story, someone I was very privileged to know, even for a short while.

[quote]John Jones was a middle-aged man with cancer. He lived a wonderful life as a husband and father. He was a man that was close to God and had shared his love all his life. John had always been the picture of health, and the notion that he could have such a devastating disease was unimaginable. Every one asked why, his neighbors, his family, his co-workers and of course John.

The doctor’s had told John that he only had three to six months left on this earth, that his cancer was a rare type that moved rapidly through the organs of his body. They told him that there was no cure. If he took chemotherapy he might have another month or so more. It was a devastating thing for the whole family. In a way, they all had the cancer. The joy and laughter that was commonplace in their home disappeared overnight. A pain so deep that nothing seemed to bring them out, a feeling of complete hopelessness.

As the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months a change became noticeable. John’s health hadn’t improved but the attitude he had did and it began to spread throughout the family, the home. John thanked God for the life he had lived and was also very thankful that he had some time left to help his family understand just how much he truly loved them. The bond that he shared with his two children became stronger and the love that he shared with his wife took on totally new and intimate aspects. More than this even he shared with all of them his relationship with God.

John continued to work, as his health permitted, at the newspaper he had work for, for over twenty years. The awkwardness his friends and co-workers had felt at learning of his illness, not knowing what to say or how to act, changed. They found themselves looking forward to going to work so that they could be around the loving kindness and joy he shared with them.

Every thing, every one around John’s life changed, Some in subtle ways and others in more profound ways. You simply couldn’t be around him and not feel different. When John eventually succumbed to the cancer that ravaged his body, those that new him close, could only celebrate and give thanks to the life he shared and the love he gave so openly to everyone he knew.

Who knows the impact that those few months had on those people in his life? What may have changed for them because of his love?

The other question that begs to be asked is did he have to have the cancer and did he have to die in order to be that impact on these others?

Like so many questions like this…….. probably the answer is yes and no.

Could he have chosen another path? Absolutely

When we act in harmony with the “Highest Good” our imperfections are made perfect.

You can heal anything about yourself if you understand the why and embrace it. However, we still have choice and the understanding at a soul level that our life affects many others. Good people get sick every day. It’s not always because they have a spiritual problem or issue. Sometimes its because there is an unspoken agreement and an understanding that through their illness or pain a greater love might be known in this physical life we call being human.

Look for your “why” and embrace it because the answer might change those you care and love most.

I share this side of “healing” because we to often hear how someone that is ill just didn’t have enough faith or lacked something. Sometimes it’s about how much love and faith they really do have.
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Re: A healing story

Postby theadvertheretic » Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:10 am

That moves me.
I am so thankful that I am still learning and this isn't like any other forum.

Though, I have never faced a serious disease but when I was in a state of self-denial and hating myself to the very core. The only thing that helped me was "Metal" and "Black Sabbath". I still do not know how to relate to it. Like many other people who have talked about metal being aggressive, it never had the same effect on me. I still have retained my empathy.

Black Sabbath's song - Snowblind and Iron Man did me great good. Surprisingly, Toni Iommi the lead guitarist of Black Sabbath shares my birthday. He formed major riffs when he fixed his lost finger tips with molten plastic. It was life-altering for him. I relate to Ozzy Osbourne too. Even, if he believes in commercialisation now. But what sets apart is the sound writing. There are patterns that effect every musician and his will to compose same is with a poet. Composition is channelizing of your insides using the environment around. That is my belief. In a similar manner I relate to their wavelength when let their music pour into my void of understanding.

I hope I haven't tainted your post. But yes, I was moved.

Sharing is good, and you have done a great job. ;0)

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Re: A healing story

Postby Randall » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:57 pm

:) not tainted at all Maheep.... and I thank you for your story. Music can be a wonderful healing tool.
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Re: A healing story

Postby Sabina » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:14 pm

Thank you both...

Randall, I agree completely.
In fact, I think that sometimes it is exactly the most beautiful souls that leave too soon. Like the saying "The good ones die young".
That doesn't mean that everyone who doesn't die young is bad, but that sometimes, some people leave earlier than we would want them to, and even this leaving is very possibly part of their purpose and gift to us.

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